Beautiful and smart?
Of course!
We never neglect the form and we never negotiate the function.

Web design, user interfaces, web standards, Flash, CSS & (X)HTML, JavaScript & jQuery, content management systems, illustrations & icons, consultation …

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Web solutions

We plan, design and develop practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing websites.

  • Information architecture

    Everything begins with the foundation, and functional websites are no exception. We take the basic idea and grind it, mould it and nurture it until we come up with a clear solution which offers the most convincing and simple way of presenting information, that needs disseminating.

  • Design

    We give special attention to design, which isn't perceived as a mere decoration. Our goal is to connect the concept with the content of the website and give it a unique and recognizable flavour.

  • Content management systems

    We design websites with open-source content management systems, such as ExpressionEngine, WordPress, phpwcms, Typo3. When needed, we also design a system, that meets the specific needs of the client.

  • Development in accordance with web standards

    We are not afraid of web standards. No, we boldly follow them. XHTML, HTML5, CSS, jQuery... and what is that newest thing? Don't worry, we know about them all and we are always searching for the best solutions. Although this make occasionally require a sleepless night or two, we know that in the end our efforts we'll be repayed. Not only our efforts, but the trust of our clients too.

  • Testing

    All websites are checked with a variety of newer browsers, including Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 2+, Opera 9.6+, Safari 3.2+ and guaranteed to work properly. By special request, we also provide testing and adaptation for older browsers.

  • Website maintenance

    It's true - we offer you a chance to maintain the websites by yourself, but in practice this isn't always the best solution. And why would you burden yourself with maintaining the website along all your other work? Leave the worries to us - partially or completely. The choice is yours.

  • Graphic Design

    We design every variety of printed materials, books, brochures, magazines, catalogues, wrappings… from the smallest company card to brand identity development. Sometimes we even thrust ourselves in the adventure of interior design for exhibitions or fair stands.

    Check out our work with your own eyes.

    E-mail marketing

    Spam can be a real nuisance. If you wish to present your achievements to the community of your users/clients or maybe just give them a Happy New Year congratulations, then e-mail massages are the most cost-effective solution. And why shouldn't your e-mail message be also beautiful and artistically designed? We design unique templates for e-mail messages and offer access to a friendly system of e-mail distribution to registered members. Ask us for more information!


    Video, music and sound, animation and a strong development support – let your websites and web adds come to life with a vast variety of options, offered by Adobe Flash. We design fun games, screen-savers, animations and offline presentations on a CD-ROM.

    User interfaces and icons

    Designing a user interface is no small feat! It can simplify the use of your solution, make it more enjoyable and first and foremost it can enable it to work at all. The icon of the program is the first contact with the user. Don't waste it! Use it to your advantage and make a statement with a professionally designed look. We can help!


    What are the newest trends? What is technically possible? What is effective? Do you have a myriad of questions concerning web technologies which nobody can answer to with a simple and understandable answer? Good advice is priceless, as the old saying goes. Don't look any further – give us a nudge.